The Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics (APSG) was founded with the goal of not only encouraging education as it pertains to geodetic and cartographic information relating to to worldwide petroleum development - but also providing its members with the resources to be successful in their pursuits of such knowledge. Our organization strives to provide this to our members through the following efforts:

Student Involvement

Our efforts for education extend to professionals already established in the field as well as those preparing to come aboard. We invite students from local universities in the Houston, TX and Gulf Coast area to join our Spring and Fall organization meetings, whether they decide to present on a recent project or simply attend and network with others in their field. Through APSG's Education Committee, our organization also partners with Student Chapters at local universities, helping them in setting up student-lead events, Continuing Educations courses for surveyors, and more.

Continuing Education

Surveyors are required to complete a specific number of Continuing Education (CEU) credits each year. To aide those members that must meet these requirements, APSG has provided succinct resources for the best outlets from which to view these requirements, discover recommended courses available, and find any necessary paperwork.


Throughout the long history of the APSG organization, our members have presented a number of topics relevant to onshore and offshore Petroleum efforts, surveying, remote sensing, and more at events like the Esri Petroleum User Group Conference (PUG), seminars, and APSG's own meetings. These presentations are available to members for free in our Presentations section. Publications are also available.

Other Resources

Our organization seeks to provide members with the most relevant resources as they pertain to IOGP standards, relevant Publications, and much more. These links - and more! - are available to members within the Resources section.

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