APSG 43 Spring Meeting & Webinar (May 2020)

This event was held on May 8, 2020 as a virtual webinar. The theme of the meeting was the Impact of Automation on the Geodetic Workflow. While APSG presentations are typically only available for active APSG members to view and/or download, these resources have been made available to the public due to the nature of the event.

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  • Chris Echols (APSG Chair) - Welcome & Chair Updates | View Presentation
  • Kevin Tomanka (OARS, LLC) - Software Report Card: Does Not Work Well With Others | View Presentation
  • Ellen West Nodwell (Integrashare Dimensions, LLC); John Connor (CVV Consulting) - The Digital Crew Change | View Presentation
  • Damian Hite (ACTeQ); Dave Ridyard (ACTeQ) - Automated Infill Optimization For A Marine 3D Seismic Survey | View Presentation
  • Ahmed Abdalla (Center for Geoinformatics (C4G), LSU) - Automated Data Processing Of C4G Continuously Operating Stations For Land Subsidence In Louisiana | View Presentation 
  • Ellen West Nodwell (APSG Education Foundation) - APSG Education Foundation Updates & Scholarship Presentations | View Presentation
  • William Lyle (Student, Texas A&M) - Voice Activated Automation Geospatial Data Modeler | View Presentation
  • Jorge Sepulveda (Student, Texas A&M) - Photogrammetric Modeling Of Subterranean Features Through 3D Software Analysis | View Presentation
  • Kris Berglund (BlueMarble Geo) - Working With Change: Staying Current When Standards Change | View Presentation 
  • Mark Stevens (Microsoft) - BIM Integrations For Operations | View Presentation
  • Chris Echols (APSG Chair) - Closing Remarks | View Presentation 

View the full agenda for this event here

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